13 July 2014

kid lit closet #4

This week's Kid Lit Closet is Wednesday Addams, from the original 1930s Addams Family cartoons by Charles Addams!

Wednesday Addams is one of those characters whose prolific reputation precedes her. Her portrayal in the live-action movies by Christina Ricci, the original television series, and even the recent Broadway musical (wherein she was played by Krysta Rodriguez) keep the Addams spirit alive! Plus, the witchy/spooky revival in high fashion lately really lets Wednesday's more macabre preferences find a modern twist for today's creepy cute creative mind.

1. pop boutique swing dress | asos
2. carpal diem bracelet | modcloth
3. aldo salazie leather heeled ankle boots | asos
4. coffin bi-fold wallet | hot topic
5. leather bat bow | dulcecalaveritas
6. black leather look high waist leggings | new look

I wasn't very into the spooky or witchy vibes for most of my life, and until recently I never really saw the point of horror movies or scary stories or even Halloween! I guess I couldn't reconcile the idea that I was a positive, upbeat person with the general spook and creep of Halloween - but the Addams Family slid right into the comfy middle line between scary and sweet, which is perfect to me. They love each other and they get along and they're happy. What could be better?


  1. obviously I need every single one of these items omg *heart eyes*