05 January 2015

super new school (ootd #1)

Okay, so before you get mad at me for not posting in half a year, let me tell you about my first ever OOTD post, which was worn to my first class of the quarter! It makes me look like a super flamboyant 80s pirate if Björk was one of those.

And cue me doing an incredible impression of an impetuous baby. (Forgive me, this is my first time ever posting something like this! I had little to no idea where to pose or how to pose. I hear this comes with time, but even so I'm not sure...)

So the specs on my outfit are: basically everything is thrifted. Oops! I feel like that's the worst thing to hear from a blogger doing an Outfit of the Day post, second maybe only to "this item is no longer available in stores." One of the bloggers I follow posted an incredible snapshot of the cutest flamingo comb in a heart shape, and upon learning it was from H&M, my heart soared just to break when I found out it was in season in Spring 2014 )-: 

The earrings, however, are 1/3 of a set from Forever 21, but any basic pearl studs are the same as another, in my eyes. My shoes were a gift from my dad a long time ago, and they're a little small at this point; maybe their destiny lies elsewhere, though I truly love the gold flecks in the cork wedge heel!

But anyhow, I'm a pretty big fan of this outfit. Lately my #aesthetic has really been drawn to bright, cartoonish tropical prints, and this top from one of my local thrift stores was a real gem! So far I've only worn it with full sleeves, as it's still a bit chilly here in San Diego and I don't have a coat to match, but it does have the option to roll the sleeves up with that little button-trap, so that might reduce some of the puff in the future. Plus, the fit is pretty perfect! I'm cursed with gaping holes over the chest in most button-down tops, but this one is just flowy enough to avoid that. I'm thinking it would even look cute tied at the midriff à la Daisy Duke in the summertime, too!

Some details: 

I liked how my (unbranded???) golden-bronze eyeliner matched the golden oranges of the flowers in the top, too, without being overly matchy-matchy. I usually keep my look pretty simple, and lately I've been searching for a blush look that makes me look really flushed, like Ms Claus, haha! Sometimes overboard isn't overkill, I promise.

Brows are done in MAC's Coquette Satin with a MAC angled brush, blusher is CoverGirl's Soft Mink, and lips are L'Oreal Colour Riche in Tropical Coral. It wasn't until I started writing up this post that I remembered I hadn't put on any mascara, whoops!

Anyhow, I hope you've liked the look! 

And my favourite outtake... I'd have scrapped the rest of the shots if this one hadn't come out blurry! It was my best pose and, try as I might, I couldn't for the life of me recreate it. Woe!

Any tips for future OOTD posts would be much appreciated! I rarely ask for others to take pictures of me when I get dolled up to go out. That might have to change soon...


  1. Ah yes new post! This was a beautiful yet professional-looking look and it's gorgeous. I absolutely adore your blog.

  2. I'm slightly obsessed with your eyeliner. Seriously. I wish it had a brand ahaha.

    When I do my OOTDs I prefer to do them outside! It's slightly embarrassing to be honest but whoever is taking photos for you can just get random photos of you walking around and just being generally cute. You look so sassy in that last photo! Usually I just ask whoever is taking my photos (aka always Andrew) what looks best and if something looks weird.