21 April 2014

kid lit closet #2!

This week's Kid Lit Closet is Eloise, of the Eloise series!

Granted, I didn't discover Eloise at the Plaza until I saw the films on Disney/ABC a good few years ago, but upon reading the books I knew that Eloise was going to be a keeper on my faves list for a long time to come. She's precocious and mischievous but good-hearted and generous, and that's the ideal way to be, don't you think?

1. quiz black pinafore dress | debenhams
4. wool hat | h&m
5. pug dog earrings | jam jar shop

I had to represent Weenie, Eloise's pug, somehow - those earrings were perfect perfect perfect! Matched with a Skippity-the-turtle ring, I think you'd be all set to emulate Eloise's "divine" outfits.

Messy hair is the staple of the creative mind, I think! It seems to be a pattern in some of my favourite characters...