28 April 2014

kid lit closet #3

Gosh, sorry it's been a whole week since I've updated - my bad, seriously! I've been swamped with work and school and trying to come up with ideas for this blog has been my main mental check-out hobby. As soon as I can, I promise to finally come up with some regular content for you! But until then, without further ado:

Kid Lit Closet this week is MADELINE, by Ludwig Bemelmans!

Madeline was one of my most favourite books when I was a kid. (You're probably going to hear that a lot over the course of this series, but hey - at least you know I'm always being honest!) I loved the beautiful watercolour illustrations and the simple rhymes. She was goodhearted and ambitious, and made friends wherever she went. The yellow outfit the twelve little girls wore is actually my favourite, but it's the blue dress and ribboned hat that stick out to most people when they think of Madeline's iconic outfits!

2. let's cruise boater | nasty gal
3. lady tie: red lace hearts | flappergirl
4. dancing on flair socks | modcloth
5. ballet flats | h&m

I actually had Madeline contained in an anthology of 20th-century children's stories that I read over and over and over. That blue hardbound book actually still sits on my shelf today! It reminds me of my childhood, and of my mom reading some of the stories to me when I was little. The dustcover is long gone but Madeline is in good company in there. 

Did anyone else also played those Madeline computer games on CD-ROM? I did, almost every day! There were two, I think. My brain says one was an around-the-world adventure with magic carpets and Swiss chocolate, and the other one had a room decorating game? They also could have been the same one... Who knows?

P.S. If you know, please beam me a copy. I'm feeling horribly nostalgic, and those floral wallpaper selections were to die for, if memory serves. (-;


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